From Concept to Completion: Creating a Wildflower Watercolour Collection."

From Concept to Completion: Creating a Wildflower Watercolour Collection."

Creating a Wildflower Watercolour Collection


In this series, I'll bring you along as I work through the process and challenges of completing a cohesive collection. The first challenge was deciding on a theme for the collection, which (finally) was Australian Wild Flowers. This alone was days of mental debate. I'll share the steps to the completion, where the goal is to have six (or more) stunning watercolours ready for my print shop for wall art and a new collection of note cards. I invite you to come along as I create this collection. We will begin with concepts in the sketchbook and explore the process to decide on the final technique I will use for the "Wildflower Collection."

Brainstorming and Concept Development:

As an artist, one of the most exciting yet daunting tasks is deciding on a theme for a new collection. If you have seen my past art, you will realise that Australian Wildflowers are often the subject of my art. Yet, in this collection, I wanted to focus on a consistent theme and develop a style that enhances their natural beauty. After much deliberation, I finally settled on Australian Wildflowers as the central theme. The vibrant colours, unique shapes, and rich diversity of Australian flora, which are the hallmarks of this theme, inspired me to embark on this journey of exploration.

Deciding on the Style:

Once the theme was chosen, the next step was determining the artistic style that would best capture the essence of Australian Wild Flowers. After careful consideration, I embraced the fluid and expressive medium of watercolour. Its ability to evoke a sense of delicacy and spontaneity perfectly complemented the natural beauty of wildflowers, allowing me to create pieces that truly resonate with viewers. I deliberated extensively on whether to adopt a tight botanical, realistic style or opt for a more fluid, loose, semi-abstract approach. Ultimately, I chose to balance the two, infusing elements of realism with a touch of abstraction. This decision allowed me to capture each flower’s intricate details while imbuing the compositions with dynamism and energy. Additionally, I explored techniques such as negative painting to create depth and dimension while keeping the overall style illustrative and straightforward. This blend of techniques and styles ensures that each piece in the collection retains its unique character while contributing to the cohesive whole. 

Utilising the Sketchbook:

The sketchbook became my trusted companion as I embarked on this creative endeavour. I sketched countless rough outlines within its pages, experimented with different compositions, and played with various colour palettes. The sketchbook served as a playground for my ideas, providing a safe space to explore and refine my concepts before committing them to the final page.

My travel sketchbook provides a place to explore and in this case the inspiration for the style I want to capture with this collection.

Exploring Additional Areas:

Throughout the concept development stage, I also took the time to set clear goals for the collection and establish a timeline for completion. I sought feedback from fellow artists and mentors, who provided invaluable insights and encouragement. Their perspectives and expertise helped me stay focused and motivated, even during self-doubt.



As I reflect on the journey from concept to completion, I'm filled with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. The decision to focus on Australian Wild Flowers and embrace the medium of watercolour has set the stage for a collection that will capture the beauty of nature and touch the hearts of those who view it. Join me in the next instalment of this series, where we'll dive into bringing these concepts to life and ready for my print shop.

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